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Nick N.

My wife and I decided to leave Los Angeles busy life and look for our dream home in Orange County and grow our family here. Finding a reliable and professional real estate agent was not the hardest job but to have someone who truly understands your family needs and taste was something we were hoping to have and we found Reza! Working with Reza was absolutely a pleasure. Reza really had our best interests at heart and made sure we get what we had in mind all along. Most agents are focused on finalizing a deal so they get paid quickly but Reza had all the patience. Reza was more concerned about our growing needs, since we have two little ones on the way and wanted to make sure that we pick the best house and the neighborhood that’s right for us! What we loved about Reza  was his genuine and empathic approach. He really wanted to help us in finding our family home as if it was his own home. Reza’s extensive experience in the real estate market was essential in our entire transaction. Always professional and punctual at every meeting, he greeted us with a smile every time, and made our dreams come true! 

Krishma P.

I had a great time working with Reza and Kristin, they are really nice and understanding in finding what we need. They asked for our requirements and met all the checkboxes, from start to end they helped us on every single step. I am so glad I chose them as my agent. It was hasel free-relaxing and stress free experience. I recommend everyone I know to hire them. They were reliable and flexible on our needs.

Loriann G.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Reza and his executive assistant Melissa.    You can be guaranteed Reza will represent your property with professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm.  He  has unbelievable market knowledge.  Our home was under contract in just 5 hours of the live listing. Couldn’t ask for a better realtor.  Highly recommend Reza! 

Sasan A.

We were privileged to be able to use the realty services of Reza’s team for the purchases of three houses and sales of two in the southern California area. As it can be recognized from the name “Reza’s Team”, you are partnered with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that make the purchases/sales possible within less than a month, while being protected as a customer. If you ever think one month or even a longer time is enough for purchases/sales, be cognizant that there are literally hundreds of documents that must be signed by you and others, and various organizations (e.g. escrow, inspection, and appraisal) have to put on your contract and scheduled in a timely manner, which makes every day count for the sale of a house to go through. Reza’s team is ethical, knows the laws and keeps all processes streamlined lawfully and ethically. Reza’s team is extremely helpful in recognizing the reliability of buyers. Reza’s team experience on pricing and negotiation allows you to purchase your dream house within your budget. I highly recommend Reza’s team realty services.

Video Testimonials

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