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4 Cost-Effective Upgrades That Increase Home Values

These small home improvements will go a long way in impressing potential homebuyers

The housing market is about to open up to sellers in a big way. According to experts, changes in the tax plan under the Trump Administration mean it is getting costlier to own a home in certain areas. Many homeowners are moving to more affordable regions, downsizing or even renting for a time.

A lot of people are getting ready to sell, even though we saw a bit of a slump in the beginning of the year.

You can aid clients with selling their home by encouraging them to make simple and effective updates that will increase the valueof their house before putting it on the market. Upping that curbside appealdoesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Here are some tips to offer clients to boost the value of their home before selling:

1. Spruce up that paint job

A house for sale should look fresh, bright and trendy from the inside-out. So recommending that clients spruce up that paint is an excellent idea that will add some immediate curb appeal for those driving past.

Even just touching up the outside trim or giving the inside baseboards a new coat of paint can make a big difference during an open house event.

Although hiring someone to come in and paint can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the size of a house, clients can do it themselves for a fraction of the cost.

Assure them that they can find affordable paints from any hardware store, and YouTube is full of tutorials showing how to prep and paint both the interior and exterior of a house.

For ideas on good color schemes or design ideas, remind them that Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration.

2. Modernize the kitchen

Does your client have a smallor out-of-date kitchen? This is one of the most important rooms potential buyers look at when choosing a house because it’s an area of the home where convenience and functionality are paramount.

Making some modern updates in the kitchen will tremendously increase the interest in a client’s house.

Suggest that they consider painting the kitchen or adding new tiling. This can be done themselves and can completely renovate the look of a space, especially for a small kitchen.

Ask them to think about updating the cabinets, and make sure they are space functional. Recommend putting in space-saving convenience appliances, such as wall-mounted microwaves.

Even just adding a new backsplash over the oven can add a new look to an older kitchen.

3. Upgrade bathrooms

Bathrooms are another functional room where little additions or updates make a huge difference.

For example, bathrooms can be made more eco-friendly and cost efficient by replacing fixtures with low-flow versions that let less water out when turned on. Clients can even choose more aesthetically pleasing faucets, as well.

Prompt clients to re-evaluate their bathroom features, and remind them that shower heads are cheap and easy to replace, and lighting fixtures can be installed for a more pleasant lighting scheme.

Plus, wallpaper or paint can be changed, and bathroom tiles can be replaced with something easier to clean and more attractive.

If your client would prefer to go for something a bit more labor intensive, toilets can be replaced for less than expected. There are models that offer both comfort and function, which potential buyers will appreciate.

4. Get that yard into shape

Landscapingis one of the best things a homeseller can do to get the right kind of attention once that for sale sign goes up. After all, it’s what potential buyers see the second they look at a home, and it can go a long way toward catching their eye.

Advise clients to trim treesand bushes, keep the lawn nicely manicured or remove it and put in an alternative option, such as a rock garden.

Suggest that they plant some flowers or other plants. Keep those climbing plants in top form. Tell them to do whatever they feel is best to get their house looking buyer friendly from the outside.

Selling a home can be an incredibly stressful undertaking. But by suggesting a few inexpensive enhancements, you and your client can improve the chances of their house going fast, which saves everyone time, money and agitation.

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