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Experience and commitment to service his clients make Reza Shirangi very successful in real estate. 

About Reza

Reza Shirangi has thrived in his real estate career since launching it in 2000. His reward is not the paycheck but the immense satisfaction he feels from helping his clients — and fellow agents — succeed. The 9 to 5 cubicle life is a foreign concept to Reza, who always functions best within real estate’s fast-paced setting and enjoys that no two days are alike. Reza’s passion and dedication have earned him his rank in the top 1% of agents in Orange County and the nation, as well as top-producer recognition at his previous brokerage.

Originally from Iran, Reza spent his teenage years in France before moving to the U.S. Attending an international boarding school in Paris enhanced his communication skills and understanding of different cultures, and he went on to earn an associate degree in international business. Reza began a sales career selling perfume at Nordstrom, an experience that taught him the value of client relationships and fueled his desire to branch out into something more fulfilling.

Reza’s first real estate experience involved accepting an agent’s client lead, where he secured the apprehensive client’s lender approval, located and listed the property (which wasn’t publicly available), and sold it to the client. It took only that one transaction for Reza to become hooked on the thrill of helping people find their dream homes. Today, he has amassed a healthy clientele of primarily luxury seekers, first-time buyers, and referral and repeat business.

Along with spending time with his friends and family, Reza enjoys tennis, soccer, poker, foosball, and dancing. He also sponsors local school and community events, and he has worked pro bono to help friends and family modify their loans in a down market. Reza has two sons, of whom he’s deeply proud, and also feels blessed to be engaged to someone who supports him in all his endeavors.

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